Why work for a startup

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At Academics for Technology, we’re all about startups! However, not everybody can or wants to start their own startup. This does not exclude you from being involved of course. Being employed by a startup has lots of advantages compared to working for a large company. In this article we’ll tell you the most important ones.

Being part of history

The future is being built right now by startups all over the world! Most startups are working on innovative ideas that will become the new Amazon or Google. Being a small company, they might not have the resources that large companies have, however they excel in allocating these in such a way that they can compete in the big leagues. Not all startups will end up in the history books of course, but what would you have given to be the first employee of Google?

Challenging & fun environment

Working is something most people describe as boring, but when working for a startup there isn’t a day where you’ll not be challenged. New hurdles have to be overcome each and every day and you’ll learn a lot more than working for a larger company. In these challenges you’ll never be alone! Since you are working with a small team, you’ll know (almost) everything about every colleague. This is contrary to larger companies, where you might never really know anybody. In a startup, working is like hanging out with your buddies!


In a startup, everybody is involved in its success. This leads to having a group of motivated people working towards a common goal. If something goes wrong, or someone is temporarily unavailable, you’ll notice how everybody tries their best to fix things. That’s what we call ownership. Collectively responsible teams perform better than teams with no or limited accountability. Did I mention it’s also more rewarding to create something that is your own?

Freedom & flexibility

Startups have a flat organisational structure. This leads to you having more freedom and flexibility. Need a new laptop, just ask the CEO, want to work from home for a couple of days, just notify all of your colleagues. This does not mean that you are simply free to do whatever you please, but compared to corporate life, things are a lot easier. There is no daily reminder of Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ when you need something.

Growing with the company

Of course, you’re taking a gamble, but if all goes right, the place you’re working will grow and become larger. Being an early hire will therefore entail a lot of benefits. First of all, many startups offer attractive stock options packages with vesting programs. But it doesn’t stop there: in a new and innovative company, creativity and hard work never go unnoticed. This way, your true potential can be unleashed a lot quicker, and before you know it you are the head of your own division… Working for a startup can make you dream things that are not imaginable when working for an already established company.


Now that you know some of the advantages of working for a startup, you might be wondering how you can find a job at a startup… Well, luckily for you, lots of startups are opening their doors on the Student Startup Trip, taking place in the Easter Break. Together with other driven students you’ll visit startups in New York and learn first hand why you should work for a startup.

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