Shortlinks in HTMX

When I was working on my thesis, I had to create a website to host some of my animations. This led me to go into a rabbit hole about web development on Youtube where I started watching theo and theprimeagen almost daily. Their passion motivated me to learn more about web development and not be comfortable with just using technology because I know it but to explore and become T-shaped (good in all, very good in one thing). In 2023 (and most likely in the future), everything is built in Javascript frameworks, such as React, NextJS, Svelte etc. But this doesn’t need to be… In comes HTMX with a fantastic book on hypermedia systems. HTMX forms an elegant extension of HTML that allows you to build web apps in your language of choice. To test this out I built my own shortlink generator, which performs similarly to sites like tinyurl. This is a small project that I got together in just a few hours (with hosting taking up a longer time than expected 😅).