My movie ratings website

I have been a big movie buff for as long as I can remember. I remember discovering this not-so-tiny website, called IMDb and spending a lot of time rating movies and the like. A couple of years ago, I passed a 1000 ratings. I bragged about this for ages. There was only one problem: showing these ratings to those interested. Of course, I could try to memorize the link to my ratings, but that would be boring. I came up with a plan to export my ratings and host them on my website, which I had bought in April for my thesis.


I used the T3 Stack, created by popular YouTuber and streamer, Theo Browne. The stack consists mainly of NextJS, TailwindCSS and tRPC. NextJS is a nice improvement over React, without changing much for the developer. I used it already for my thesis and it is great for people just getting started with web development. tRPC makes it easy to develop full-stack (frontend and backend) in TypeScript, sharing types from your API to your front-end. This results in great developer experience. Finally, there is tailwindcss. When I first got into web development, I kind of was turned off by CSS. Tailwindcss is just different, I can quickly create the look and feel I want without having to write CSS or using a component library like MaterialUI. It is so good that I almost use it in all my projects now.


The result is a website, hosted on Vercel, with a SQL database hosted on PlanetScale. You can judge me and my movie opinions on the resulting website.